Welcome, May

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May is always a good month. The month of new things and the month many things come to an end. I would be lying if I said I haven’t been anticipating this month. I finally get to leave the city that has coddled me the past 4 years. Within the next couple months, my life is going to be completely different and I am so incredibly here for it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not excited to leave the beautiful friendships that have kept me sane these last few years. Finding good friends who make you better is hard to come by and it took me longer than it should have to appreciate that. Better late than never, right? College has taught me so much about relationships and molded me in many different ways. Freshman year to senior year, yet still I am not completely molded. And that is okay.

So much has happened this semester that was supposed to break me. So much has happened to me that has helped my growth. And as much as I wanted myself to be broken (odd, I know) I was never completely broken. The reason for that was only thanks to family, friends, and Jesus: suffocating me with love (even when I didn’t want it), giving me invaluable advice (again, even when I didn’t want it), and being my rock. I cannot imagine doing life without these three key components. It is such a blessing. There is so much I have done recently that I wouldn’t have without the push of great people in my life: I started a blog, I went skiing, I touched the Atlantic, I traveled with friends…There is so much planned for the summer that I cannot wait to experience. It’s crazy how what is meant to be ugly always ends up beautiful when God places His hand in it.

There’s a verse that I came across yesterday that has been stuck in my head. Isaiah 43:2 “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall no consume you. For I am the Lord your God, the Holy one of Israel, your Savior.”

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Thank you Jesus for May.




5 inches later…Why I cut my hair

Another natural hair post, I know I know. In my last post I was talking about how I need to enjoy my hair at its current state. Well, a week later I cut off a tremendous amount of hair (5 inches to be exact). I had crochet braids in for a few weeks and recently took it down to wash and deep condition my hair.

Well when I took out my braids, I HATED what I saw. My hair was brittle and the ends were horrendous. I compared the length to my hair over the summer (7 months ago!) and it was the SAME EXACT LENGTH. I couldn’t compromise the health of my hair any longer so I knew I had to get the scissors and cut off the damaged ends.



Short hair is going to take some getting used to, but I still plan on protecting my hair this year so hopefully it will grow healthier and full like it used to be.

Are any of you ignoring damaged hair in order to keep your length? What’s your views on cutting off inches of hair?

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Sisterhood Blogger

Thank you very much to AtimMercy (https://atimmercy.wordpress.com) for tagging me! I really enjoy reading her posts.

I tag any of my followers to do this!


1. Are you a feminist? Do you think feminism is overrated?

-No I don’t consider myself a feminist but I do believe in women’s rights and protection. I don’t think feminism is overrated at all! I need to dig around more and learn more about this before I try to give myself this title.

2. Career woman or stay at home mum?

-Career woman for sure! I don’t remember if I mentioned this already but I want to be a dentist (I will be blogging my journey in dental school!) and cannot see myself doing anything else. One thing thats unique about the career of dentistry, among many other great things, is that you have a schedule that allows for family time. Family is very important and I will never let my career get in the way of that. I think stay at home moms are awesome, too! However I grew up with two working parents, so I can’t speak from experience as to what the affects of staying at home is.

3. What is love to you?

-To put it simply, love to me is represented by Jesus’ death on the cross for our sins and His resurrection. There is no greater love than the love God has for His children and the great lengths He goes to show this. It is very hard for me to comprehend this as I don’t feel as though I deserve it, but I know the truth of this!

4. Natural hair is the new black among African women thesedays, with alot of ladies transitioning from relaxed to natural and also, ladies who had natural hair before taking more interest in it because they realise how versatile their hair is.
However, some people say it is just a trend that will eventually wither away like many other trends.
What is your opinion about this?

-Honestly, I don’t think that natural hair is a trend. I’m sure many will disagree, but the fact of the matter is that more black women are recognizing the damage relaxers do to our hair. Many women see the great effects of going natural and are passing this on to their daughters. Going back to our natural roots (literally) should not be considered a trend.

5. What is a perfect day to you?

-Wake up by my body alarm by 7am (if you know me, you know I can sleep until forever and I wish I could wake up early!). Start out the day with peace of mind by going out on a balcony (if I had one lol) read the Bible and a good book. Meet up with a close friend for lunch or brunch and have great, meaningful conversation. Take my parents out to dinner or cook for them, and fall asleep by 11pm. Not asking for too much.

6. What is your typical everyday outfit?

-Well during the winter, I go pretty basic: jeans, boots, sweater, and a scarf every so often. Sorry I wish I were more of a fashionista!

7. Females friends or male friends, which do you prefer? Why?.

-Female friends for sure. I think that it is very essential to have great girl friends who you can talk to about things your guy friends just don’t quite understand.

8. What animal best describes you?

-This is hard! Hmmmm I guess a giraffe? Lol that’s not cute I know, but I am very long and thin and have sadly been referred to as a giraffe before haha.

9. How do you like your personal space arranged? (Your house, if you have a house, or your room, or whatever place you consider your personal space)

-If I weren’t so busy with school, I would love for my room to be perfectly arranged and clean at all times. However,  I am always studying so there are usually papers scattered and books everywhere along with clothes on my bed during weekends.

10. Any five most important lessons life has taught you so far? Share..

-Love, travel, enjoy yourself, be confident in your work, always give thanks to God

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A year in my hair

So today I want to talk about natural hair. I know, I know there’s so many natural hair bloggers out there. But the more, the merrier! I always feel so vain talking about hair, but honestly we need to see more black women embracing their kinks and curls.

Since I’ve been natural, I allowed myself to straighten my hair once a year during the winter (when humidity wouldn’t be the enemy of progress). For some reason, I could never straighten my hair on my own unless I wanted a big poofy mess the next day, so I would head to my hairdresser. Below are some pics from my last straighten last winter (2.5 years natural; 3.5 years since last relaxer).

Don’t get me wrong, I loved it! I almost considered being a straight natural, but I would miss those coils too much. I honestly don’t think there’s anything wrong with straightening natural hair (the correct way) once in a while. After I wore that style for a few weeks, I of course got bored with my hair so I dwelled in braids and twists.

Fast forward to summer 2015 when I wore my natural hair for a good chunk of the summer.

This summer I was the most frustrated I have ever been with my hair. I thought it was so dull and boring so of course I acted on an impulse and cut it. I didn’t cut off too much because I mainly wanted to shape it. Anyways, I tried and failed and my hair ended up looking slightly the same. I tried again during the fall and cut bangs (oh yea and dyed the tips lol)FullSizeRender 8

Honestly, I regret it. I regret not just enjoying my hair at its stages (I almost tried to give myself a tapered cut a month ago, but decided to sleep on it. It’s crazy how much sense you get the next day!) Nothing wrong with changing your hair, but I also need to learn how to enjoy my hair. So here we are now. A year later and it seems as if my hair is the same length, so I am going to protect my hair in styles that keeps me from reaching for  the scissors, box dyes, and heat-but still allowing me to take care of my hair.

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Hello, 2016.


Hey guys! Welcome to Adayeba.

Adayeba means “natural” in the Yoruba language and this blog represents me discovering my own natural wonders:
Natural hair
I have had natural hair since the summer of 2012 and have learned so much these past few years. I obsessed over length instead of health in the beginning and recently I have cut, dyed, and straightened my hair. But this year I am trying to PROTECT it. More on this in my next post!

Knowledge is incredibly important and not spoken of enough. I think its great that there are so many options to make money and being independent, however there isn’t enough conversation on how to be successful in school and making the most out of your education. This might be a controversial topic to some, but it seems as if young girls are being fed highly risky dreams. It IS possible to be successful on many platforms and education is key (*DJ Khaled voice*) and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

My faith is very important to me and something I have been trying to work on for the past few years. A relationship with Christ needs to be central to everything going on in your life and I have been lacking in this department lately. This journey is going to be difficult but so worth it.

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As you can tell by my blog name alone, my Nigerian culture means everything to me and has shaped me in more ways than I have realized. I love all culture and have high hopes to visit various places in this world. I have been learning Portuguese for 2 years and have fallen in love with the different countries that speak it, their culture, people, and diversity. I think it is incredibly important for others to embrace new cultures and take the time to learn about it while we still can.

I have a lot of things in store for this blog and hope that you join me along the way.

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